In only a few cases is the security of critical business data for business processes or the entire IT infrastructure the focus of business operations. But deficits in information security could not only result in image problems, they are also often breaches of legal obligations.


Companies that implement the ISO/IEC 27001 as security standard could not only comply with these legal obligations but in some lines of business also get an advantage in competition at this stage .

The Certification Body Würth IT GmbH, with the Certification Center Security (ccSec) is a certification body for the management of information security based on the DIN EN ISO IEC 27001:2017 that has been accredited by the German DAkkS. The numerous years of involvement of our organizational unit in enterprise functions and the practical experience thereby attained has influenced our philosophy. Pragmatics and “livability” of policies are also of importance, as well as orientation of costs and flexibility